Launching My Vision

September 29, 2018

I am thrilled to officially launch Eye For Elegance Photography!

I’ve loved holding a camera in my hands ever since I was a young child, joyfully clicking and ratchet-advancing my parent’s 35mm film camera (I was also scolded for wasting so many goldenrod yellow and black canisters of Kodak film).

I always had a camera near me through the years, and finally got my dream camera – the Canon 5DMarkIII – in 2012. My trusty companion, it has helped me capture countless places, faces and events. I became enamored with taking photos of my daughter (like any proud, over-obsessed parent), and the experience I gained in doing became the catalyst for me to make the formal transition to professional photography.

I have always loved learning about people’s personal stories of hope, challenge, self-evolution and joy. As we can only experience a mere sliver of life’s infinite possibilities, I wholeheartedly believe in self-enrichment by learning from others. I’m inspired to learn and understand people’s paths and then finding beautifully creative ways to visually capture that depth of character. It is my honor to create photographs – tangible mementos – of meaningful personal moments for my clients to treasure on their life’s journey.